Taking care of elders suffering from Alzheimer’s has become a challenge these days, as they need unique care, someone to stay along with them full time and support them. Alzheimer’s is a chronic progressive brain disorder which slowly declines memory, thinking skills in the early stages and in later stages, individuals lose their ability to perform simple tasks and eventually fails to respond to conversations. Alzheimer’s is considered to be the most devastating disease out of all the other diseases that affect senior citizens as it is not just traumatic to elder’s but can also be challenging and overwhelming for families. Unfortunately, there is no definite cure for Alzheimer’s currently, but one can improve the quality of life of those living with Alzheimer’s with love and care. Heritage Medical Centre provides home care services for those with Alzheimer’s and assists them to live safe and happy.

Special care is needed for those with Alzheimer’s and the care plan changes along with the progression of the disease, few people might even need round the clock care. Hence it becomes difficult to even for the family members to manage and take care of their responsibilities like their career, children and more along with elder suffering from Alzheimer’s. For all those families wishing to provide better care for their elder’s, here we can help.

Heritage Medical Centre provides comprehensive home care service to people suffering from Alzheimer’s. Professionally skilled nursing staff at Heritage Medical Centre offers home care services in Hyderabad and supports individuals facing challenges of Alzheimer’s lead high-quality life happily at their own home. We believe that there is no place like home and most importantly people with Alzheimer’s benefit from the well-known sounds and sights surrounded by comforts they are living since ages with their family members. According to a recent study, it is proven that familiar surroundings and living with their family members play a crucial role in improving well being of those with Alzheimer’s. Moving elders to a nursing home can trigger stress, anxiety, depression, and confusion which can further worsen their condition.

Heritage Medical Centre helps your loved one avoid the emotional trauma of leaving their cherished home by providing home care services. Our trained caregivers come to your house and help your loved ones with a wide range of medical and nonmedical needs like walking, bathing, dressing, cooking and so on in the space where they are happiest and most comfortable.