Heritage Medical Centre is offering rehabilitative care service to people to restore their physical, sensory and mental abilities which were altered due to injuries or other misfortunate happenings. Our team of experts along with evidence based approach and state of art facilities assisted many people to overcome their physical, emotional and other social challenges and helped them have a pleasant transition from being disabled to being back to their normal life.

Several health conditions like paralysis, stroke, trauma, heart diseases, injuries, cancer and others have a great impact on individuals life and they can also lead to some form of physical, psychological and social disabilities. For all those going through such trauma, structured rehabilitative care at Heritage Medical Centre works as a boon and helps them to get back to their normal life. We at Heritage Medical Centre believe that each and every individual have a different outcome depending on their particular disability, hence we build and offer strategic rehabilitative care plan to each and every person by keeping in mind their health condition.
Satisfaction and trust of all our patients along with huge success rate made Heritage Medical Centre the top rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad. Our dedicated team of experts offers support to each individual and assist in maximizing their ability and regaining their strength.

Our health care professionals are specialized in treating communication and swallowing difficulties effectively. Under speech therapy, our passionate experts focus on improving coordination of speech muscles through strengthening exercises like sound repetition, imitation, pushing the tongue depressor, breathing exercises and so on.

Heritage Medical Centre Rehabilitative Care Services
1. Neurological Rehabilitation
2. Post trauma Rehabilitation
3. Orthopedic Rehabilitation
4. Cardiovascular Rehabilitation
5. Speech Rehabilitation
6. Post Op Rehabilitation
7. Post surgical Rehabilitation